neri oxman 3D-prints large scale glass pillars at the LEXUS yet exhibition

Architect, designer, inventor and associate professor of the MIT media lab, neri oxman has created an installation made of 3D-printed glass columns celebrating LEXUS’ 10th edition at milan design week. set within la triennale di milano, the show highlights the brand’s yet philosophy, aiming to push the boundaries of creativity by fusing seemingly incompatible elements. following the ‘don’t compromise; harmonize’ motto, LEXUS has been able to create synergy spark breakthroughs while revealing possibilities beyond imagination.

Referencing the LEXUS yet philosophy and conceived specially for la triennale’s U-shaped space, the ‘ancient yet modern’ exhibition by neri oxman aims to create the experience of being grounded yet suspended by light. and she does it in such an impactful way by just placing three huge 3D-printed glass pillars. their architectural scale results in a dialogue with the interiors, connecting floors, ceilings and walls. the pillars not only create powerful forms throughout the space, but also cast wave-like shadows on the floor. once again the theme is portrayed as the exhibition uses an ancient material yet a modern technology.

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