I Died and went to Slightly Creepy IKEA Heaven

IKEA has yet again unleashed their impeccable eye for home and lifestyle design paired with their advertising skills upon us, only this time in a more abstract manner.

The brand we all know and love has created a 25 minute collaboration of delectable sounds made from caressing, smoothing and tapping their new furniture range specifically targeted at new University students. The company will be launching a few of these ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos over the coming months as part of their “Oddly IKEA” campaign.

I had high hopes for this video as I haven’t ever pointed out a flaw in any IKEA product, however I could today. The one and only flaw was the sound of the narration during this video – you’ll know what I mean after listening for a minute or so. As the video focusses on primarily the sense of sound, the narrator’s voice is as highlighted as the rest of the video – meaning that you can hear more than is ideal. This hugely detracts from the rather organic and comforting sounds created by manipulating their new products which is ultimately what this video should be focusing on.

Anyway, onto the positives…

Comfort, tranquillity and efficiency are definitely all up there in the ‘ideal student room’ criteria.

IKEA has nailed these traits perfectly, even if it isn’t to everyone’s taste. Taking a sensory tour one by one of the main features of this University Room shows the true quality of each product you can buy. The way in which the actress handles each product sends you into some sort of trance, well it did for me anyway. At one point during the tour of the pink pillow case, I felt like I was receiving a mind massage whilst drifting off in my rather inadequate (in comparison) computer chair.

One of my previous posts talks about the Danish derived, Scandinavian style called Hyyge – Just Hygge Me which discusses and explains how this style had been adopted by so many other companies due to it extraordinary success in the world of interior design. Hygge not only demonstrates true and pure design in a materialistic manner, but also incorporating a lifestyle which makes time and space for everything, thus resulting in a more balanced and positive outlook on life. This campaign is showing very strong aspects of this style throughout with the most influential being the “comfort zone”.

Targeting students was also a very smart move for this campaign as most millennials these days who go to University want nothing more than a room to impress and be envied by. Students work long hours during the day, study through the night and go out during the week – this results in groggy, sometimes demotivated and generally less healthy students with lazy attitudes. So what more could they want with a room doing all the work for them? Creating an atmosphere to relieve the stresses of deadlines or exams and a social life and to be ready to relax or work when you are. Sounds pretty good to me, don’t you agree?

Maybe if I feel quite strung out in the near future I might give this another listen as it’s genuinely that relaxing.

Take a look/have a listen to the campaign video below

p.s – you’ll need headphones for the full effect!

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