Ferm Living’s autumn winter 2017 collection channels “Nordic decadence” — Dezeen

Danish brand Ferm Living’s autumn winter 2017 collection, simply titled The Home, incorporates popular design trends including so-called millennial pink, brass hardware and forms inspired by mid-century furniture.


Claiming to blend “the essence of a graphic Nordic design identity with an allure of understated sophistication”, the new pieces include a room divider that evokes the art deco period, a series of jewel-toned velour pouffes and a collection of unglazed stoneware pieces.


The Unfold Room Divider features three arching glossy lacquered panels with curved milled grooves that are finished in either pale pink or forest green – a colour combination that features throughout the entire collection.


A series of three circular and lozenge-shaped pouffes each feature voluminous, ribbed forms reminiscent of 1970s furniture.

Upholstered in deep green, pink or blue velour, the pouffes follow the current trend for velvet upholstery, which has been featured in a number of recent, high-profile interior design projects, including India Mahdavi’s London store for RED Valentino and Universal Design Studio’s Odette restaurant interior in Singapore.


The autumn winter 2017 collection also sees the introduction of a line of unglazed stoneware called Sekki. “Honouring traditional craftsmanship, our Sekki unglazed stoneware series offers a tactility, depth and honest feel,” said the brand.
As well as stoneware, the new offering includes glass pieces such as the Still Teapot, which is made up of interlocking geometric shapes of subtly coloured glass.


The mouth-blown Opal shades join the brand’s Collect Lighting series and are available in three different shapes, while a line of candlestick holders and vases called Bubble Glass features trapped bubbles in heavy geometric blocks of glass.


Other new accessories include a collection of circular brass-mounted hooks and knobs that feature semi-precious stones such as lapis, white marble and agate, and five new cushions embellished with shimmering embroidery.
The new cushions join the existing Salon range, which was launched last season and features fabrics inspired by French salons.


Since launching in 2006, Copenhagen-based Ferm Living has launched two seasonal collections of accessories, furniture and lighting each year, and describes its style as “contemporary with a touch of mid-century charm”.


Menu, another popular contemporary Danish furniture brand, recently opened a showroom space in Copenhagen designed by Norm Architects that also functions as an office, cafe and co-working space.

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