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If you’ve ever been to the Javits Center in New York City, you know how colossal the convention center is. But have you seen every single inch of the space completely filled with exhibitors? We hadn’t before, until we took a trip to NY Now last week.

Let’s just say, if the apocalypse suddenly occurred, everyone at NY Now would survive. The show was overwhelming, featuring everything from stationary to pocket knives to artisan chocolate. However, we did find some standout gems amongst the chaos.

Inspired by mountain ranges and natural shapes, Landscape Organizer Boxes by danzo studio are stackable and designed to be interpreted based on your individual organizing needs.

Japanese company HEIAN SHINDO has been around since the 1950s, however their DRAW A LINE Collection is anything but outdated. The easy-to-place rods expand to fit most crevices, and their shelves are sturdier than expected. Designed for small apartment dwellers, the collection makes organizing small spaces simple, personal and attractive.


There are few pieces of furniture more visually pleasing than stacking chairs. Due to the emphasis on its angular curves when stacked, PLYCOLLECTION’s ZESTY CHAIR happens to be supremely satisfying.


Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab designs endless amounts of charts, all with personal touches that make them easily function as art in the home. Pop Chart Lab recently delved into the ream of scratch-off charts, designing one for essential novels and another for essential films—scratch off the tiles on the chart as you scratch items off your must read/watch list.686159_66098_68657_DV7kXFrfM

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, our friends at Native Union were showing off their clever ECLIPSE cable management system at NY Now. It was maybe just a coincidence the solar eclipse happened the day we attended the show…


Here’s a fun one: ORINIGIRI is a paper origami kit designed to make forming rice balls easier and more exciting. Instead of traditionally forming the balls by hand, simply lay out some rice then fold into your desired shape along the creases. Architect Tomoo Nitta designed ORINIGIRI based on patterns he used when designing one of his buildings. He’s noticed children in particular get a lot of joy from experimenting with the product and that it works well when used as a learning tool.


The water pipe-esque Cold Brew System by [ bi.du.haev ] is a minimal yet fancy way to brew your coffee at home. A striking alternative to more traditional home brew systems, this one is all glass, features a different take on ice management and looks damn good on display.


Speaking of nice-looking home brew systems, the H.A.N.D Collection by TOAST Living is an elegant way to prepare your morning Joe. Everything from the mugs to the pour over coffee stand set would be worth displaying on a countertop.685705_66098_68657_elxk75Ayj.jpg

Chilewich Editions by Chilewich is the company’s mission to delve into specific product explorations, including those in the form of material and manufacturing techniques. Designed to be more art than commerce, the first series, Blocks, required printing multiple layers of color with extreme precision using a process the company hadn’t tried before.


Finally, we’re digging Pantone’s foray into lighting in partnership with e3light, Coll.One. The color company unveiled the collection at NY now, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of it—it’ll be available for purchase here starting in October.

See you next time, NY Now.

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