Contemporary Lighting Concept

During an afternoon last weekend I decided to do a quick CAD exercise as part of my “please for God’s sake do not forget how to CAD before you go back to University”. It didn’t take long at all but I would like to keep a rhythm of creating designs and concepts in my spare time purely for enjoyment and practice. 


This concept started by creating one single light shade, finalising the shape of the fitting, the size of the bulb inside and how many there were going to be in a ‘cluster’. 

I ran with a theme of one matte, neutral colour and a highly reflective metal internal to reflect light around the inside of the shade. 

The metal inside is copper, which is becoming increasingly used in ornaments and contemporary furniture recently. It is also usually paired with either dark or light colours in a palette as well as used in contrast with wood and fabric. 

I think I prefer the lights in the darker colour due to it having a much higher contrast with the copper internals, as well as being more striking. 

As I said before this was a quick exercise but one I thoroughly enjoyed doing. If you have any thoughts or opinions please comment below, I’d love to hear what you think.

Also, please feel free to take a look at the rest of my portfolio on the top menu tab!

Thank you for reading. 

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