LDF 2017

Just before my second year of University starts, all the new design fresher’s and returners head off to central London for a day in awe of some of the most innovative and up and coming designs of the year.

I went to three exhibitions during the day, however I would have loved to have gone to all of them. I saved best til’ last however with the London Design Fair taking place in the Old Truman Brewery, just opposite where I spent my summer during my internship.  I went last year at the start of my first year and I distinctly remember leaving the fair feeling a mixture of inspired, intimidated but undoubtedly excited for the year to come.

So, kicking off the day we took a visit to…

Enlightened Design II

– The Crypt Gallery

Located a short walk away from St. Pancras station in a crypt under a church was the Enlightened Design II exhibition where four designers’ lights brightened up a cold and gloomy environment. The lights and shades came in different styles, using unusual materials such as thick woven textile with a glow in the dark skeleton, and glass formed into the shape of mushrooms. Most of the lights were un-practical, but all were either decorative or statement pieces.


Bernotat & Co – bernotat.eu

Arnout Visser – arnoutvisser

Marc De Groot – bymarcdegroot

Enlightened Design II

Design Frontiers

– Somerset House

Design Frontiers exhibits the work of 30 world-renowned designers who have pushed the boundaries of design in their respective disciplines. Ranging from fashion to automotive, this exhibition shows how businesses and designers are still working to have an impact on our future.

Mineral Gravity by Arik Levy X COMPAC

Arik Levy’s collaboration with luxury surfaces company COMPAC, Mineral Gravity, involves a large-scale sculptural mono-block mineral quartz island that appears to float within its exhibition space like a black iceberg, as if carved from a single block of quartz.

Mineral Gravity

Jaguar – Future Travel

Ian Callum, the director of design at Jaguar since 1999, will explore the future of travel and the process of electrification in the automotive industry in an immersive, two-room installation – from the sketch to reality and the future of travel.

This exhibition showed how the process of designing and manufacturing a concept car is done. From the rough paper sketches to the final model sculpted out of clay, there is a constant attention to detail. One of the exhibits was a cabinet with a tangible mood board of all the materials and colour palettes used for the interior of the car. Alongside the many teams of engineers, interior designers, model makers and concept artists, there is always one team that is involved in every process along the way.

Axyl and Nolii by Benjamin Hubert X Allermuir

Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency LAYER introduces the AXYL collection for Allermuir, creating a new range of sustainable furniture with a distinctive materiality and format.

Benjamin Hubert and LAYER are launching nolii, a lifestyle-focused tech brand co-founded with design and tech entrepreneur Asad Hamir. Key products from the inaugural collection, designed by LAYER, are previewed in an immersive installation that celebrates the simple beauty of being connected.

Some of the nolii products include wire organisers and portable, discreet phone chargers all designed for users with a fast-paced, modern lifestyle who require no fuss easy living when it comes to tech.




Luminous Reflections by Swarovski X Tord Boontje

Tord Boontje is similarly redefining the chandelier in his collaboration with Swarovski – his collection, Luminous Reflections, features the first ever unfaceted crystal components created by the Austrian company, conjuring fluid and organic light effects.

Inspired by the interplay of light and water, Luminous Reflections creates a new interpretation of crystal where rippled surfaces are designed to produce soft and organic light effects.

The collection compromises of four lighting pieces, Shimmering Jewel, Lustrous Aura, Luminous Bough and Radiant Light.

The chandeliers are made using conductive skeletons which hold and simultaneously power the LED’s inside each crystal – making it a simple, one-piece circuit.

Luminous Reflections

London Design Fair

– Shoreditch

The London Design Fair is probably one of the best, if not the best place to visit during the festival. This is due to it’s enormous show space, home to an incredibly diverse range of designer’s and work. Containing textiles, furniture, personal gadgets, eco-design and contemporary décor, this trade fair is full of inspiration and beauty.


As the University term starts tomorrow, I believe I am well-equipped with visuals and books to help me throughout the year. Hopefully I’ll be sharing and documenting my new projects (unless they’re confidential) soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through these visuals and reading about them as much as I have. Unfortunately the festival finished today, but it’s on every year at the end of September.

If you would like to read more about the festival, I’ve attached a few links below:

Enlightened Design II

Design Frontiers

London Design Fair

100% Design


From the 22nd to the 24th of May 2018, there is another festival called Clerkenwell Design Week which I will definitely want to go to. If this post interested you and caught your attention, you can find out more below:

Clerkenwell Design Week

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