Have Yourself a Merry IKEA Christmas

We’re not even halfway through October yet and most retailers have their Christmas catalogues, décor and even music in full swing. Most of these retailers have used the same shiny, bulbous decorations as last year and the year before, stocking the same novelty penguin mugs or general tacky stocking fillers and most importantly, repeating Michael Bublé’s new “Christmas love songs” album now that he has come out of hibernation for the year. Not that I’m reminiscing about some of my previous working environments before…

Trust me, retail turns you into a Scrooge. If you know, you know.

However, amongst all of this repetition and madness, there is hope.

And yes, this is yet another salute to IKEA for their wonderfully warming winter collection. I couldn’t resist. I hope that by the end of this post you too will have the same appreciation and desire for some of their beautiful products.


VÄSSAD table


Inspired by the rugged beauty of Iceland, this collection consists of products which have been solely inspired by nature and the great Icelandic outdoors, using all natural materials to enhance this user experience on a very much organic level.

Straying far from the cliché red and greens of Christmas, IKEA has used a neutral and muted colour palette for their range to create timeless designs which add a sophisticated twist to Christmas that we don’t normally see. This decision not only results in living spaces to make anyone jealous, but it also means that you don’t look at the decorations and immediately relate to Mariah Carey blasting through the house at 1am on Christmas Eve last year.






Minus the mistletoe/leafy ornaments and this dinner set works all year round.


VÄSSAD table and chandelier


Alongside the winter collection, IKEA also launched the VASSAD collection which encompasses products with a more industrial feel. These products were a result of an accident, as they were mostly designed and developed on the factory floor.

Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg, the designers of this collection felt inspired by the factory surroundings, production method and materials as well as the knowledge and expertise of the workers. The designer also drew inspiration from some of IKEA’s most successful products from the 80’s. Compiling all this material resulted in raw and authentic products which dynamically work in any setting.

Industrial looking products are a worldwide interior trend right now, they can be found in many commercial areas such as coffee shops, restaurants and retailers such as All Saints. Team this collection up with some retro pendant bulbs and you’ve got a killer room.

“The idea came when we visited the manufacturers to create the furniture it’s an industrial feel, without hidden structures – and which are mostly made from the materials which they use and have in stock.”

-Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg.


VÄSSAD throw
STRÅLA pendant lamp shade
VINTER 2017 quilt cover and pillowcase, VINTER 2017 cushion, VÄSSAD rug, flatwoven, STRÅLA LED chandelier


Adding a touch of Icelandic magic to your living room

IKEA has thoughtfully ensured that their lighting is energy efficient LED, keeping your home warm and cosy throughout the cold and dark nights is affordable.


VINTER 2017 unscented block candle


I think that these candles above are probably my favourite piece in the whole collection. IKEA have seriously stuck to their theme of Icelandic beauty with these geometric iceberg candles. The marbling effect makes them look realistic too.

A subtle touch of nature in your home.

Ah, IKEA just can’t do no wrong can they?

Find out more about this collection and view the whole collection here – IKEA Winter Collection 2017

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