Light and Building 2018 – PYRA Highlight at XICATO

 A surreal experience visiting the world’s biggest lighting trade fair and seeing your first term project on display with Xicato…

(It was the end of March and it was -6 and feet deep in snow…)
Entering the Xicato Exhibition Space

Following on from my previous post, I visited Frankfurt on the weekend to visit the 2018 Light and Building Exhibition which was home to thousands of exhibiting companies, displaying their innovations and projects.

History of the Xicato Range


Xicato had a variety of projects on display, all showing how their LED’s can be used in many different situations and environments, creating many lighting effects using control systems.


Spinning plates to show non-flickering light sources
A sensor-based immersive environment to create light only when activated by movement
PYRA from a distance during the stand installation
Talking through the idea behind my project to a visitor
PYRA’s Exhibiton Space
Changing up the composition throughout the day.


PYRA’s page on Xicato’s L&B App


This was a truly humbling experience being able to showcase my work at such an important event, one I won’t forget. Unfortunately, I was only able to stay for one day as deadlines call this week! I’d love to go again and stay for the whole week which the fair runs for. I’ll be making a post about many of the other pieces of work from the other halls showcasing work from all kinds of companies. There were many projects which I found incredibly inspiring and mesmerizing.

At the end of the fair, a show-reel is created which I will hopefully be able to get the link for to show on here too. This will give a representation on the sheer scale of the fair and the impressive work on display.

Thank you Xicato, Brunel and all the help I received from the technicians and lecturers to make this happen.

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