Space Shifters – an abstraction of ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’

It’s been a quiet few months on here which usually means I’ve been very busy since my last post, and I confidentally say that is true.

The end of my second year was pretty hectic, especially around the time of Light and Building  which happened to fall on the last weekend before a few of my biggest deadlines.

Since then, I worked in Edinburgh for a couple of months at Mike Stoane Lighting for a short placement, visited my sister in Germany, celebrated many birthdays including my 21st, moved to central London and started my placement – which leads me onto this post.

I am currently working for a bespoke lighting design company called Nulty Bespoke as their product design intern. As part of our ongoing research for inspiration, visits to exhibitions and shows are common, especially when they’re located minutes away from the office.

Southbank are currently showing an exhibition called “Space Shifters” which is on until January and it’s worth going if you’re interested in dynamic sculptures and mind-games. See the link at the end of this post to head over to the web page for the show.

360° Illusion V (2018) by Jeppe Hein
WeltenLinie (2017) by Alicja Kwade

Each work is carefully designed and positioned to make you think you’re seeing something false or disconnected.

The use of warped, reflective and mirrored materials creates a strong feeling of disorientation.

WeltenLinie (2017) by Alicja Kwade
Narcissus Garden (1966–2018) by Yayoi Kusama
Handrail (2016–2018) by Monika Sosnowska

Straight forward surrealism.

20:50 (1987) by Richard Wilson

The end of the exhibition is topped off by an installation by Richard Wilson which really was quite something. This is a perfect example of the whole “the photos don’t do it justice” due to the strong smell, silence and even temperature which is part of the experience.

Made to look like a drop down on the sides of the walkway, or used as a reflection of above, the unique material has been carefully chosen and installed to create a rather uneasy feeling. And no, I won’t say what material it is.

This vast space only allows one person to use the walkway at a time due to the path being so narrow, making it a very immersive experience.

20:50 (1987) by Richard Wilson


I’d really love to go and see more shows over the course of the year especially after having worked at Decorex as part of the LDF for work. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to go to more shows and share some of my favourite parts on this blog.

Click the link to go to Southbank’s site where is contains all the information about the exhibition – Space Shifters

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