Below are some of the CAD drawings I created on Fusion 360 for one of my first year University Modules.
The portfolio for which these drawings were made was directed at the purpose of CAD in today’s industry and how it can be used in many different sectors, for example, product design, lighting, games design.
I thoroughly enjoyed producing these pieces of work and I am hoping to continue creating over the summer months for my own practice and enjoyment.
I hope you enjoy,

Dyson Hairdryer 4Dyson Hairdryer Image 1dYSON hAIRDRYER v1 photobooth 4dYSON hAIRDRYER v1 photoboothdYSON hAIRDRYER v1photobooth 5Geometric Lipstick redGeometric Lipstick v3 ad styleGeometric Lipstick close upLampshade - Rose Copper v2 with light betterLampshade - Rose Copper v3 with light aboveBow in smokeAss Bow v10

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