Graphic Communication – Adobe InDesign

Full View of Work

I created grids by selecting layout – create grids – then using the options to alter how far apart each section and division should be. The width of the dividers should be around double the size of the font selected. I created 5 by 7 columns then clicked OK.

Text Frame Options

I drew a text box using the text tool, then clicked type – fill with placeholder text – this fills the text box with sample text of a language which I then edited later by clicking; Window  – type – tables – character – change font. From this option I could change the style of font, the size, added effects such as italics or bold. This is important as when creating a document, the font style needs to be appropriate to the user reading it.

Paragraph Options

I could then edit the text within the text box by clicking; Window – Type and Tables – paragraphs – hyphenate – alignment of text. This allowed me to alter how the text was organised in the box. This can make it easier to read for an audience.

To edit the paragraph style, I clicked; Type – paragraph styles – indents and spacing. These options in this window can create indentations in the paragraph text, make the first letter of every paragraph large and eye catching which is what I have included. This communicates to the reader where to start reading from. This paragon style can be saved in a window to be used later on another piece of text to keep a constant theme and aesthetic in the document.

Inserting a Shape into a block of text

To create the pink circle in the document I clicked; Create shape – window – text wrap – wrap around. This creates a shape which can be placed amongst the text without interrupting it, apart from having the text “wrap around” the shape. If I wanted to have the shape behind the text, I would just draw and place the shape, possibly even send it to the back so that the text is it in front.

To include the text over the shape, I clicked; Draw text box – object – text frame options – ignore text wrap tick box. This allows the text to be put on top of the shape without wrapping it around the other text.


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