Xbox One Gaming Hub

This is my final major project for my Foundation Art and Design Diploma.

This product concept is a “Gaming Hub” designed to incorporate some new features into the gaming experience as well as focussing on the user experience of gaming. The hub consists of two controller pods either side of the console compartment, this was designed to encourage a more communal sense of gaming with friends or family. Today, gaming is seen as a relatively anti-social activity where users play online or simply alone. The two controller pods invite more players as well as charging them whilst resting in the moulded pods.

The console compartment is also fitted with cooling fans to ensure that the console runs at as low a temperature as possible. Above, below and either side of the console is a space where airflow can move around the compartment to aid ventilation.

The legs of the hub represent the Xbox logo, a subtle but striking feature to ensure brand loyalty and representation.

Being a gamer myself, this project was extremely enjoyable and I would like to change the way gaming is seen by many people, and bring it into a more positive light globally by encouraging more social activity and ease of use.


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